Useful tips for traveling in New Zealand

Welcome to our blog : what it's about

Welcome to our blog : what it's about

Kia Ora...and welcome to our blog!

We've setup this section on our website with the aim to provide you with a bunch of useful information you might require to help planning your journey to New Zealand, as well as to keep you updated with everything that's happening here at SouthernJourneys, but also with what's happening with tourism in New Zealand in general.

Topics can vary widely, so we may write about a certain activity or destination, about a particular way of travelling, or we may just share some interesting facts and good things to know.  But we certainly hope we won't bore you.   

If you do find the stuff we write about interesting, feel free to subscribe to our blog and we'll send the latest updates via email to you. We also welcome suggestions if you'd like us to write about something in particular.