Why SouthernJourneys





Why SouthernJourneys


You choose your own unique itinerary
 At SouthernJourneys you choose your own destinations. Our packages have been selected and created in such a way to allow you maximum flexibility.

You can choose to combine several short tours into one large tour, jump on/off a complete tour at any stage of the tour you'd like, just do a single short or complete tour. And if you can't find what you need exactly, you can just present us with a wish list of places to visit and things to do. Let your imagination do the work! 

Raglan Estuary - North Island

New Zealand Koru
Focus on quality, not quantity
 Rather than presenting you with an endless number of tours, we've created a certain number of options we feel will cater for every requirement you may have. 

Our tours have been planned meticulously into great detail as if it was our own holiday and we believe they will leave memories that will last a life time.  

Locally owned and operated
Kia Ora, g'day, howzit... meet the locals! We are based here in NZ, and we know this playground very well. Not to mention that we're always out and about ourselves to enjoy everything NZ has to offer. We hear about all the latest updates and experiences first hand. 

Personal service at its best
A personal tour consultant will guide you through everything you need to know, listen to you and make suggestions based on what you have to say. And without making you feel obligated in any way. 

Excellent value for money
 We guarantee that we provide you with the best value for money. Even better, why don't you have a say in it! This is also inline with our philosophy that you decide your accommodation budget. Whether you want to sleep "under the stars", or in a luxury hotel, or mix it up a little, we will listen to you.  
 Helicopter Flight to Frans Joseph Glacier

We go off the beaten track
 While there's simply no way around some of the spectacular sights which must be included in any tour, we've gone the extra mile to find those hidden gems that are lesser known and not so often visited by the majority of travelers. That does not mean these places are less spectacular by any means, on the contrary.The experience from these places are often the highlight of your journey, so please keep them to yourself! 

Auckland Skytower at night

Wine Tasting Hawke's Bay
Daily departures
 We have no set departures dates for most of our tours, so you won't have to worry about being in a certain place at a certain time. If you would still like to join a tours that has already departed, you can still join it later.