Kaikoura Kayaks

LocationDurationPrice Starts From ($NZD)
KaikouraHalf Day / 3 and a Half hours 110


Enjoy the kayaking adventure of a lifetime in Kaikoura!

Catch up with the local fur seals, blue penguins and dusky dolphins as they duck and dive around the scenic Kaikoura coastline. You can do seal kayaking, family kayaking, sunset kayak tours, and kayak fishing. The qualified instructors are trained professional who can skilfully guide you with comprehensive safety procedures and paddling techniques to keep you safe and dry. Take in the breathtaking scenery of the peninsula with the sheer cliff faces, craggy rocks and mountain tops while you leisurely paddle around the coastline or ride the surf in the fresh summer breeze that comes off the Pacific Ocean while enjoying the marine life close up!

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Group Size : 1-7 people

Duration  :

Seal Kayaking Half Day
Sunset Evening Classic3 to 3 1/2 hours
Guided Family KayakingHalf Day
Kayak FishingHalf Day /Full Day.

Departure Location :   All tours depart from 19 Killarney Street Kaikoura (1 km from the Kaikoura Information Centre).

Departure Time :

Seal Kayaking8:30am- 12:30pm and 4:30 pm ( summer season ) and 8:30 am -12:30pm ( winter season).
Family Kayaking 8:30am and 12:30pm
Sunset Evening Kayaking4:30pm.


Departure dates : All year ( Closed Christmas Day).

Transportation : When the tours departs from Christchurch there is a bus that drop you back at the end of your activity to the bus station of Intercity back to Christchurch.

Category : Adventure



  • Seal Kayaking

    Experience the excitement of watching fur seals ducking, weaving and diving around your kayak. Paddle gently along with them as they swim around the Kaikoura Peninsula hunting for their favourite feed of octopus. But be sure to keep your distance as they devour their delicious dinner in front of you, then watch in amazement as hundreds of Pelagic (ocean going) birds swoop in to clean up the tasty left-overs.This adventure around the beautiful coastal waters takes in the breathtaking views of sheer cliff faces, craggy rocks and mountain ranges while searching for chance encounters with dusky dolphins and blue penguins.The first 1½ to 2hrs is spent paddling around the coastline after the 45 minute briefing at the start of your adventure. This covers gearing up, basic kayaking and paddling lessons along with our stringent safety protocols and also includes a 15 minute debrief at the end of your tour.

  • Sunset Evening Classic

    Kaikoura is world famous for its sunsets and marine life, so what better way to experience this than by sea kayak. Guaranteed viewing off fur seals and surreal visuals of the seaward Kaikoura Mountains as the light changes towards the end of the day. Watch seals dive and manoeuvre around and under your kayak as the sunsets, paddle with them as they swim around the Peninsula hunting for octopus! Along your way keep an eye out for blue penguins or albatross then have chance encounters with dusky dolphins. Using only top of the line real sea kayaks be ready for a true kiwi experience you won't forget! The Sunset Evening Classic sea kayak tour is the real deal and is suitable for all ages and abilities, no experience is needed as our guides will teach you all you need to know. Families, individuals and groups are most welcome! Don't forget your camera for sunset shots and to capture marine life encounters.

  • Family Kayaking

    Enjoy paddling around Kaikoura’s aquatic wonderland at a leisurely pace taking in the views and enjoying the thrill of getting right up close to New Zealand's marine life. Your guide will ensure your kayaking tour around the Kaikoura Peninsula is exceptionally safe, highly memorable and great fun. Paddling time is approximately 1 1/2 to 2 hrs. A 45 minute briefing at the start of your tour covers gearing up, learning how to paddle and steer your kayak and covers our safety guidelines. A recommendation is the morning tour’s usually have the calmest sea conditions and the best interaction with marine life.

  • Kayak Fishing

    Kayak fishing is commonly accepted as the fastest and easiest way to fish the Kaikoura coast.The inherent stability of our sit-on-top fishing kayaks along with their self draining scupper holes makes it virtually impossible to capsize. Kayak fishing is not only an exciting experience, it’s been proven to be a highly productive form of fishing. Whether it's drift kayak fishing, fishing around rocks, offshore fishing, or using your fishing kayak to set a long line and sit back and catch fish to your heart’s content. This tour include retractable rudders which allow you to drift with the tide and regain manoeuvrability when required. This flexibility means you can paddle into nooks and crannies where even a small fishing boat can’t go. Catching fish on a kayak is a special experience and the Kaikoura Peninsula and the surrounding areas provide an abundant supply of all fish species. Best of all fishing with the magnificent backdrop of the Kaikoura ranges and the craggy cliff faces creates an excellent experience all round. There's also the sheer thrill and excitement of landing that big one off a fishing kayak.



The Seal Kayaking and Family Kayaking : Sunset Evening Tour - 4:30pm (During the summer).

Sunset Evening Classic : Is only available during September- April.

Kayak Fishing : Not available in June-July-August.  




You’ll need a water bottle, thermal top/fleece/shorts or light pants, e.g. quick drys (definitely NO jeans!) sunglasses, a cap or fleece hat, running shoes or sandals, a towel and a camera.




A life jacket, spray skirt, paddle jacket, poggies (like gloves), wet shoes, dry bag for your camera, transport to and from paddling area, spare thermals and GORETEX dry pants for winter paddling, and the kayak.

        Shuttle provided to departure point and return.




All prices in $NZDSeal KayakingSunset Evening ClassicKayak Fishing
Adult 110110Half Day 145 /Full Day 220
  Child 70 70

 Prices are from 1 Oct 2018- 30 Sep 2019

        Minimun age 3 years old.

        Children (12 or under)

        Adults (13 years+)


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