Self Drive Tours

By car or campervan...driving through New Zealand is an absolute joy!

A self drive tour will always give you that extra sense of freedom, and you'll be able to go a bit further off the beaten track. Driving is a pleasure in New Zealand. The landscapes are spectacular and ever changing, so no doubt you will be pulling over often enough for that photo or for a moment to soak it all in.

We've prepared a number of self drive car tours which we believe will showcase the best New Zealand has to offer, but at the same time will show you something a slightly different by going a little bit further off the beaten track.

With a camper you''ll experience driving and camping at its absolute best. You may still freedom camp in certain places in New Zealand, and with thousands of miles of coastline, and plenty of bush, you'll have no problem finding that isolated spot all to yourself. And on a clear night the stars are a sight to behold in itself. So you'll be sleeping in an infinite number of stars hotel! Don't hesitate to ask us about those little hidden gems.




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